About Lemhi County

Lemhi County is rich in heritage and natural beauty. It is comprised of several communities such as Salmon, Leadore, North Fork, Gibbonsville, Shoup, and Lemhi Idaho. The county also consists of several ghost towns for visitors to explore. The county has been shaped through the years by the history that has ran through it such as Sacajawea, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and the Gilmore & Pittsburgh Railroad. Ranching and mining have also impacted our county and assisted in creating a rural atmosphere.

Furthermore, our county provides several family activities whether you are looking for the excitement of whitewater rafting or prefer a relaxing horseback ride we have it all as well as winter sports. For the fishing and hunting enthusiast we have some of the best big game hunting in the west, fantastic steelhead and salmon fishing, as well as lake, river, and stream fishing.

Our county provides many opportunities to participate in community activities and events. The culmination of all these attributes makes Lemhi County a perfect place to visit and raise your family.

For more information regarding businesses, family vacations, lodging, and real estate check out Lemhi County, Idaho's "The Code of the West" and our Useful Links page.