Lemhi Cooperative Weed Management Area

The Lemhi CWMA was formed in 1998 by the BLM Salmon Field Office and the Salmon National Forest in cooperation with the Lemhi County Cooperative Extension Service. The effectiveness and capabilities of the Lemhi CWMA were greatly increased by several landmark events: (1) federal/state funding became available on an annual basis to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) to fund operating expenses and weed management programs for cooperative weed management areas, (2) participating agreements with the BLM Salmon Field Office and Salmon Challis National Forests were signed, providing multiyear funds for weed control projects, and (3) Lemhi County hired the first dedicated, full-time county weed superintendent. 

Goal: The goal of the Lemhi CWMA is to bring together individuals, agencies, and organizations responsible for and interested in invasive plant species to coordinate management activities throughout Lemhi County. The Lemhi CWMA emphasizes all aspects of integrated weed management, including education, prevention, early detection , inventory, various treatment methods and monitoring. 

Please visit the Lemhi CWMA webpage for more information!