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The County Clerk has one of the most diverse jobs of all county elected officials. Elected by partisan ballot every 4 years, constitutional and statutory laws give this one elective county officer five titles: Clerk of the District Court, Auditor, Recorder, Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, and Chief Elections Officer of the County. The County Clerk also oversees County Assistance. There are five deputy clerks who work under the Clerk as well as in the Board of County Commissioners office.

Officially, the Clerk of the District Court serves as ex officio Auditor and Recorder and ex officio Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners.

The Auditor acts as the County Budget and Accounting Officer. Responsibilities include compiling the budget requests and submitting the budget to the Board of County Commissioners; recording appropriations made to county agencies, the outstanding liabilities against these appropriations and the expenditures made against the appropriations; keeping accounting records on the revenues, expenditures and balances in each county fund. The Auditor also prepares and remits checks to employees, vendors, and other persons entitled to payment. All moneys received by various county offices are recorded in financial records.

The Recorder is responsible to keep records of all documents recorded in Lemhi County. Additionally, the Recorder’s office provides marriage licenses, processes passports and records land documents, including plat maps, surveys, easements, assertions of right-of-way, and some types of liens.

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District Court
Jana Eagle
208-756-2815 ext. 1673

Magistrate Court
Jana Eagle
208-756-2815 ext. 1674

Small Claims Court
208-756-2815 ext. 1673

Accounts Payable & Payroll
Holly Smith
208-756-2815 ext. 1667

Social Services Director
Veteran’s Service Officer

Clint Morse
208-756-2815 ext. 1670


A recordable document, pursuant to the Idaho Code, must have original signature of grantor and be notarized. If it conveys real property, it must also include the grantee’s current mailing address.

A certified copy from the Recorder’s Office is as good as an original document (except birth and death certificates which must be obtained from the Idaho Vital Statistics office). To request vital statistics certificates, see Idaho Vital Statistics or PO Box 83720, Boise ID 83720 or call (208) 334-5980. There is an information line available at (208) 334-5988.

According to Idaho Code, all instruments delivered to the County Recorder for record shall be recorded rather than filed with the exception of plats, surveys, cornerstone markers and instruments under the Uniform Commercial Code.

A page shall not exceed fourteen inches in length or eight and one-half inches in width (8-1/2” x 14”). The recording fee to be charged for maps, sketches, drawings or other instruments except plats larger than the size permitted above for a page shall be two cents per square inch.

Recording Information and Fees

The Idaho Code 31-3205. Recorder's Fees. (1) the county recorder is allowed and may receive for his/her services, the following fees to be paid him/her by the party procuring his services:

(a) Except as otherwise set forth in this section, for recording every instrument, paper or notice, for the first page.
For each additional page


(b) For recording each of the following types of instruments, provided such instrument is thirty (30) pages or less:
(i) Deeds, grants and conveyances of real property


(ii) Trust deeds or mortgages of real property, including fixture filings, security agreements and assignments of leases and rents if contained within the same instrument for recording


(iii) Reconveyances of trust deeds, including a substitution of trustee if contained within the same instrument for recording, and releases of mortgages


(iv) Power of attorney


For copies of any record or paper, for each page


For each certificate under seal, when required


For release or assignment where more than one (1) document is released or assigned in the same instrument, for each additional release or assignment



Recording every town lot or map, for first one hundred (100) lots
or less
For each additional lot


For taking acknowledgments, including seal


For recording the location notice or amended location notice, or affidavit of assessment work of a mining claim, or for recording and indexing each notice, for the first page
For each additional page
If notary needed


For a notary


Lot split plat


AMD lot split


AMD subdivision under 5 lots


Subdivision over 5 lots


Each additional page


For filing a survey


For making a copy of a survey


For issuing marriage license, filing, recording and indexing the certificate of marriage and taking and filing affidavits required in issuance of the license. (See Marriage Licenses #5 for additional charges.)


For administering an oath, including jurat
and certifying the same when required an additional sum of


For comparing and certifying a prepared copy of a file or record in his or her office, for each page


For each certificate under seal there shall be an additional fee of


Marriage Licenses

If you will be married in Idaho, you must obtain a marriage license. Licenses are issued in the Recorder’s office. If you will be married in another state, you will need to get a marriage license from that state.

Requirements for people over 18 years of age:
1. Application forms for a marriage license must be filled out.
2. Both people need to appear at the courthouse in person.
3. Both need forms of photo identification.
4. Pay in cash an additional $15.00 domestic violence fee for a total of $28.00.

For people under 18 years of age (but over 16), a parent for each person under 18 must also appear, in addition to those requirements above.

In addition to the above requirements, and the requirement of one parent for each 16-year-old, a person under 16 years of age must have an appointment with the Magistrate Judge to obtain a court order permitting the 16-year-old to be married.

No waiting period or blood tests are required.

Two copies of the marriage license are issued. One copy is for the couple and one copy is to be sent in for recording by the person performing the ceremony.

Passports & Passport Cards

Applications for passports are available from the County Clerk’s Office in the Courthouse.

You can also go to the Department of State’s Passport Services and Information Site and print out the needed passport application. This Site also contains information on passport services and other passport-related information.

To obtain a passport and/or passport card, you must come into the Recorder’s office in person. You will need:

  • Completed, but unsigned, passport application (DS-11). It must be signed in the presence of an authorized clerk in the Recorder’s office. The passport application must be filled out by the applicant unless it is for a child.
  • One 2”x2” identical passport color photo. It must have been taken in the last six months and have a light background. It can be taken at the Recorder's office. You can have a second photo taken and retain it in case the Passport Services needs an additional one.
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate, including a raised State Seal. Hospital certificates and birth abstracts are not acceptable.** If you are a naturalized citizen you must bring your original naturalization papers. All original documents that are sent with your application are returned to you with your passport.
  • Current driver’s license or some other form of photo ID.
  • Children under 16 years of age will need both parents to sign the passport application. If both parents are not available, one can submit a notarized "consent" form DS-3053.

FEES for routine passport applications and/or passport cards may be paid using a money order, cashier’s check, cash or personal check. Fees are non-refundable.

For ages 16 and older: $110, Passport Cards $30 payable to Department of State, plus $35 payable to Lemhi County.

For ages under 16: Passport $80, Passport Cards $15 payable to Department of State, plus $35 payable to Lemhi County.

2 - 2"x2" pictures $10 plus tax.

**To obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate, contact the vital statistics office of the state in which you were born. To contact Idaho’s Vital Statistics office to request a birth certificate, go to the Vital Statistics. There is a recorded Information Line at (208) 334-5988. You can also contact …. http://www.vitalchek.com or call 1-800-255-2414.

Passport Renewal (Form DR-82)

You may use this form if your previous passport:
1. Was issued when you were 16 or older
2. Was issued in the last 15 years
3. Is not damaged
4. Is submitted with your application

The non-refundable total fee for this renewal is $110.00.

For Faster Processing You May Request
Expedited Service:
For any expedited service (e.g., first-time application, renewal, additional pages, name change) there is an additional service fee of $60.

To receive your passport as soon as possible, it is strongly suggested that you arrange overnight delivery service for:
1) Sending your passport application AND
2) Returning your passport to you.

Resource Link:

US Department of State (Forms) …. http://travel.state.gov/passport/forms.html


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